Cheating Death.


I hid a little longer, I was waiting, I turned the lights down low and drew the blind, if Death had picked tonight to do my fate in, then I really had to give It a hard time

I slept a while, I woke and then I shivered, waiting for some end to come my way,
I would take everything that Death delivered, but by my rules; it was my game It must play

Weeks went by and still It couldn’t find me, could It really take this long to seek me out, I thought I heard Death creeping up behind me – hallucinations; well they wouldn’t rush me out

Cheating Death seemed something I excelled at, I could lie here all my days and not be found, and like a rotting corpse inside his coffin, buried six-feet down into the very ground

And as I kept myself alive and willing, while Death rampaged on the world taking their lives, asphyxiating, sick disease or merely killing, I thanked God that I was able to survive

When the quiet fell around me; it had finished, I stepped out into the nightly winter chill, there was nothing left at all; all diminished, solitary was I now, the world was still

I had cheated Death, It hadn’t even found me, sinking to my knees and lifting up my head, with all my family and friends no more around me – I prayed that Death would come again and leave me dead.


A poem by Rich Harris. Harris Harrison© 2015

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