Love & hate.


He once said I love you
He once held you tight
You slept at his chest and felt safe in the night

He tenderly kissed you
One time he cried
So thankful, so humbled you were at his side

He had his suspicions
But cast them away
Angry for thinking you may dare to stray

He secretly watched you
You hadn’t a clue
Emotions torn open, he saw it was true

He paced up and down
And then looked in your eyes
You begged for forgiveness for telling him lies

He couldn’t contain it
His anger exploded
You were your own bullet in a gun that he loaded

He’s holding you under
His hands round your throat
Submerged under water, you can’t keep afloat

It’s all going black now
He loves you so much
He tightens his grip for that other mans touch

He’s sorry my darling
He’s sorry of course
You’re silent and peaceful, he’s filled with remorse

He once said he loved you
He was your soulmate
You killed him, he killed you, that’s love and that’s hate.

A poem by Rich Harris. Harris&Harrison 2016 ©


One thought on “Love & hate.

  1. Another love(ly) poem of yours, Rich. Don’t ever stop 2 things:
    a) writing
    b) surprising your fans you with your many different faces

    Your dark side is nearly as bright as your bright one. Don’t know which one I prefer now.


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