When there isn’t a click.


What are you doing tonight, wanna hang out?
I know you’re already here; still tucked away in that secret place.
You look different, I haven’t seen you for a while but you still excite me. Still shiny.
I’m not sure I’m ready for this. Is it ok if we just hang out a bit, watch a movie or something?
It’s been a rough week. I need you with me. You can make it right.
You feel cold. Let me hold your hand(le).
I’ll warm you up.
Yes, I have been crying. I’m sorry. I can’t hold it in sometimes.
You know me so well.
Come a little closer. I want to kiss you. I want to feel you in my mouth.
You seem to understand me.
I’m not sure; I think it’s a little after 4am? Yes, it’s still raining.
I’m not really watching this movie. I don’t think you’re enjoying it either.
Are you hungry? I know you’re empty inside. I can remedy that. I have your favourite snack, still in the drawer.
Well, this is awkward. It doesn’t feel right tonight, you feel it too?
Stay hungry – I should put you back.
Not tonight. Maybe I’ll see you soon?
I really wanted there to be that special click.
Maybe I’ll see you soon.
Maybe next time, you won’t go hungry.
Maybe next time we will kiss.

Copyright © Rich Harris 2016


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