The edge.

Today I may be standing high,
Atop this summit; clear, blue sky,
Alas my slips assure harsh falls,
Tomorrow – dark, surrounding walls.


Going away for a while.

• Cancel milk.
• Cancel papers.
• Feed the cat. A lot.
• Buckle seatbelt.
• Prepare for a bumpy ride.

Wish you were here?

Walking with a ghost.

I walk with a ghost almost every day
His shadow is constant, his breathing is grey
Whenever I turn and look into the sun
My ghost just stares back and demands that I run

I’m hearing a ghost almost all of the time
His screeching is constant, his voice is a whine
Whenever I cover my ears and I hide
My ghost just screams back, he won’t leave from inside

I sleep with ghost every single night
His shiver is constant, he’s shrouded in light
Whenever I try to drift off, close my eyes
My ghost wakes me up with such painful surprise

I eat with a ghost every evening at six
His hunger is constant, I cease to exist
Whenever I try to nourish myself
My ghost keeps me hungry; he’s bad for my health

I live with a ghost wherever I go
His presence is constant so I’ll never know
The feeling of being a man I miss most
Whilst I’m tortured, frightened and teased by my ghost.


Incredible sadness that falls over you like a shroud, chilling you and making your heart swell with sorrow. You can stare off into the horizon to find some sort of meaning or explanation and if you manage to cast it from your mind for a few minutes you did well to jump through it. But you will snap back into the now and realise that once again you are cloaked in this greyness. It’s always there; in the rich, warming glow of Summer, in the damp, tantalising beckon of Spring, in the sodden leaves and early darkness of Autumn and in the solitary chill of Winter. It’s always there. But then again, so is the horizon. 


The winds picked up and heavy clouds moved in.

I reached into their empty darkness with cold hands and let them carry me away.

Lightening ripped through me and tore me apart,

Angry rain all but washed me away,

I turned my head to look down for help, but there was nobody there.

Silence deafened me.

I must’ve drifted for hours, maybe even days, or weeks.

It’s easy to sleep when it’s hard to stay awake.

In the distance, through jagged slices of grey, a shard of white light stole into my sight.

Soon the clouds would fade away.

And I would fall back to earth again.