This is darkness, sinking deep
This is where the shadows creep
This is where the bad thing taunts you
This is where your dreams will haunt you

This is when no-ones around
This thing doesn’t make a sound
This is when the wind bites colder
This will touch you on your shoulder

This is where you’re frozen, still
This is tender, icy chill
This is breathless, sharp surprise
This is when you see its eyes

This is where it writhes and slithers
This will cover you in shivers
This will make your muscles wrench
This is foul and putrid stench

This is when you start to cry
This could be the day you die
This is where you’ll beg and plead
This is where you won’t succeed

This is whistling through the trees
This will bring you to your knees
This is where you scream so much
This will stop you with its touch

This has got you in its glory
This is every horror story
This is when its face appears
This is crying with no tears

This is angry, pointed claws
This is snarling, snapping jaws
This is where you’re overpowered
This is when you are devoured

This is broken on the floor
This is silence evermore
This is darkness sinking deep
This is where the shadows creep.
Copyright © Rich Harris 2016


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