Walking with a ghost.

I walk with a ghost almost every day
His shadow is constant, his breathing is grey
Whenever I turn and look into the sun
My ghost just stares back and demands that I run

I’m hearing a ghost almost all of the time
His screeching is constant, his voice is a whine
Whenever I cover my ears and I hide
My ghost just screams back, he won’t leave from inside

I sleep with ghost every single night
His shiver is constant, he’s shrouded in light
Whenever I try to drift off, close my eyes
My ghost wakes me up with such painful surprise

I eat with a ghost every evening at six
His hunger is constant, I cease to exist
Whenever I try to nourish myself
My ghost keeps me hungry; he’s bad for my health

I live with a ghost wherever I go
His presence is constant so I’ll never know
The feeling of being a man I miss most
Whilst I’m tortured, frightened and teased by my ghost.


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