One more day.

Lets argue please, lets both get mad
Lets counteract the good with bad
Lets cry a while, lets both break down
And hug each other, soothe this frown
Lets run together in the sun
Lets sweat and tire while we are young
Lets eat so much we cannot move
As if we have something to prove
Lets lay a while and never speak
And listen to our sad hearts beat
Lets both go drinking even though
You’d never drink, I’d love it so
I want to hold you in my arms
I want to scare off all your harms
Lets go to work and both be bored
Lets flirt with guys and feel adored
Lets take it back and feel sublime
Lets both step backwards into time
And never worry of this day
This day is always far away
I miss you more than you will know
And how I watch this sadness grow
Though memories will always stay
I want you back, just one more day.


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