The lady in white.

Here comes Krystle, wearing white
She’ll make everything alright
She’ll hold you close and drawn you in
Your eyes will roll, your head will spin
She’ll kiss you softly on your lips
A kiss that stains but never slips
And when you hold her in your hand
That is when you’ll understand
That possibilities never end
And Krystle is your only friend
The things you’ll do, that you’ll incur
When you spend just one night with her
And if you dare to penetrate
Your night with Krystle is more than great
Time goes out the window fast
She will consume you, make you last
You will not sleep, you will not eat
You will not need to – you’re complete
And when its time for her to leave
You will beg her for a reprieve
But be a man and let her go
Bring down the curtain on the show
On her you should never depend
For Krystle will not be your friend.


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