Friday’s here
Commence the hunt
Invasive questions
Lets be blunt
What you into
Chems and groups
I’ll come over
Send the troops
Chat a while
About the weather
Then disrobe
And get together
Another player
In the game
That was hot, thanks
What’s your name?
The sun is rising
Days roll by
Another cash-point
Flying high
Fleeting visit
Another snort
No one wants you
Feel distraught
Get your phone out
Start again
Grab an Uber
There in ten
Block of flats
Revolving doors
Nothing more than
Desperate whores
Is this who
We really are
Such baseless things
That crawl too far
With shameful flashbacks
Through the haze
A comedown
That goes on for days
No longer fun
Just purely vapid
Then end the life
That leaves you rapid.


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