What is love?

No memories for us to share,
No longing eyes where I can stare,
My wedding finger, always bare,
So tell me, what is love?

No Valentines that I’ve displayed,
Or settled roots that I have laid,
The left side of my bed, still made,
So tell me, what is love?

No last first date I’ve ever known,
No sapling seeds of love I’ve sown,
No lasting partnerships have grown,
So tell me, what is love?

Accepting tears I’ve never bared,
My aching heart I’ve never shared,
Romantic meals; none were prepared,
So tell me, what is love?

No one to walk right by my side,
Or wipe the tears that I have cried,
Or feel alone, when I have died,
So tell me, what is love?



I couldn’t see it was a drug problem but it was there all the time, right under my nose. 


Leave here if you must, my love,
For it’s easier that way,
A million words have crossed our lips,
Yet nothing more to say,
And close the door if you should leave;
It may keep out the cold,
The only things you leave here are the memories I shall hold.


It beckons you at such a pace
Then, sweet seduction changes face
Love will blow away like dust
And all that stays behind is LUST

Even though it left you scarred
To stay away is much too hard
Forbidden fruits will tempt you back
But GLUTTONY will make you crack

He left you crying on the floor
You didn’t care, you wanted more
On pain and loneliness you feed
Your just desserts will be your GREED

Slow and scornful is the day
The endless nights shan’t slip away
A ceaseless war will leave you, never
And SLOTH will haunt your dreams forever

And then there comes a hateful twist
Your anger charges through the mist
You’ll hate and spit, your WRATH shall burn
You’ll curse yourself – you didn’t learn

There is no ending to this sin
Another demon dwells within
One with a sour, bitter taste
And ENVY coils around your waist

Dust yourself down and stand up tall
No doubt there’ll be another fall
An empty man must still stay strong
And with your PRIDE you will march on


Once love ends, it will begin;
A thrashing creature deep within
It rises up with eyes so wide
And will devour from inside
Inside your darkness it will start
And slowly blacken up your heart
Your throat will tighten as you speak
Your fight will die and leave you weak
And everything you ever knew
Will twist and burn and feel untrue
You will spit poison, you will hate
You will not stop for it’s too late
Until this green-eyed monster dies
Jealousy, within you lies.


Watch me creep and watch me stagger,
Take my grip upon this dagger
See me crawling, see me float,
Watch me lunge toward your throat
Your face reflected in my eyes,
Feel the terror and surprise
As your life in my hand hangs,
See the drool slip from my fangs
I am cold and deathly white,
I am here to haunt your night
There’s no way you can ignore,
I am hungry, I want more
Hear your screams all around,
Echoed deep in empty sound
Feel the chill creep up your spine,
Feel your soul becoming mine
Feel the hissing of my breath,
Now, slip away unto your death
Now you’re mine and we are one,
And yet I’ve only just begun.