Unrequited love. 

“A mouse!” they shrieked, “I saw him there –
first on my desk, now on my chair,
the filthy rodent, someone catch him
bash his brains in, lets dispatch him!”

Poor little thing, he must be scared
I’ll seek him out, show him I cared
And when I find him I will ponder
Why he chose here for a wander

I caught the mouse, he’s kinda sweet
His twitchy nose and tiny feet
But when I looked into his eyes
They welled up fat with unleashed cries

“What’s wrong?” I asked him, crouching near
So I could reach his tiny ear
“Why do you hold on to such sadness –
and run about my desk in madness?”

He sobbed and spoke, his breath was hurried
And told me how he hid and scurried
‘Your desk’, he said with tones morose
‘Is where my love lays, so, so close’

I didn’t understand his words
And actually thought him quite absurd
But then he pointed to where he had
Right to my desk-mouse, on its pad

He’d seen my desk-mouse as a suitor
Though it was tied to my computer
In love this mouse had fallen, deep
And so he chose to hide and creep

The next day as I reached my work
I fell back with a painful jerk
My team resumed like nothing mattered
But by my desk, this mouse was splattered

It seems they caught him, had their way
Now carried on about their day
This lonely mouse had reached his end
All he’d wanted was a friend.


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