Kill or be killed – the suicide.

These days are too empty, I’ve lived them enough
Its time for the end and I wont call my bluff
When I look at my life I don’t like who I see
I must deal with this problem and sleep so I’m free
I’ve thought it through clearly and I’ve made a list
And bought all the things that at first I had missed
I’ve had my last supper, the door is unlocked
I’ve turned off my phone now prepare to be shocked
The first thing I feel is the heat in my veins
It’s tingling and pleasant and hard to explain
There’s something quite special from what I am feeling
If I didn’t love this, I’m sure I’d be reeling
Slowly I lay back and look straight ahead
I’m lying so still at the foot of my bed
My fingers are numb and the blade is so deep
If I wasn’t unconscious, I’d see myself weep
And while I am dying, I think of you all
Your faces still haunt me, your hands on me crawl
I’m sorry for doing the things that I did
And rejected your love like an ungrateful kid
You tried to embrace me but I didn’t care
I was selfish and didn’t respect you were there
I see now my errors, this wasn’t a game
I’ve ended this life and I’m only to blame
The room disappears and the last thing I taste
Are the tears in my mouth that have rolled down my face
I won’t ask for your pardon, or that you forgive
The old me is dead so a new me can live.


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