Watch me creep and watch me stagger,
Take my grip upon this dagger
See me crawling, see me float,
Watch me lunge toward your throat
Your face reflected in my eyes,
Feel the terror and surprise
As your life in my hand hangs,
See the drool slip from my fangs
I am cold and deathly white,
I am here to haunt your night
There’s no way you can ignore,
I am hungry, I want more
Hear your screams all around,
Echoed deep in empty sound
Feel the chill creep up your spine,
Feel your soul becoming mine
Feel the hissing of my breath,
Now, slip away unto your death
Now you’re mine and we are one,
And yet I’ve only just begun.


2 thoughts on “Hell.

  1. Very interesting piece and I was reading and got lost into it like it I was there and being a witness and wow I liked it and hope to see more like this from you because I would definitely like to read them!! 😃😃

    Liked by 1 person

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