Won, Too, Free, For

You think I lost, but actually,
I think you’ll find I won,
You think I am a victim too,
but that thought came undone,
You think that I’m your prisoner
when in fact I’m running free,
Stop thinking you know everything,
for its clear you don’t know me.


A distant memory.

You made a point to not get close
And distance, you had shown
Still, you were the closest thing to love
I’ve ever known.

An indecent proposal.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness a truly beautiful occasion. If you are comfortably seated, then we may begin.

Do you, ‘NAME’ take hoping and longing to be your lifelong companions?
Do you promise to always expect something you may never get?
Do you often cry yourself to sleep on lonely nights?
Do you promise to daydream at every free moment about bumping into him in the supermarket, or at a bar, smiling at your own stupid thoughts?
Do you crave someone to hold your hand, hug you tight, never let you go and share your worries and troubles?
Do you think you have been single so long that you’ll never know how to love?

I do.

Mirror, mirror.

I often see a lonely boy, I see him all around
It’s like he hasn’t got a friend, he’s waiting to be found
He walks along the road alone, his head heavy and low
He doesn’t have a place to be, he has nowhere to go

I often see this lonely boy, his eyes are brimmed with tears
He’ll stop and shrug like he’s ok; he’s been that way for years
I see the sadness in his face; his vacant, hollow eyes
The shadow of a haunted person deep within him lies

I’ve spoken to this lonely boy, to tell him its ok
He tried to smile an empty smile and then he turned away
I know he doesn’t think it true, to him it seems unknown
And so I watch this lonely boy just walk around, alone

I often see a lonely boy, his head is in his hands
No-one to heal his aching heart, and no-one understands
I didn’t have to look too far, or try too hard to see
For he swims in my reflection and this lonely boy is me.

What if?

What if I never know of a love, what if that story’s untold,
Will I stay young in my heart all my years; will my heart never grow old?

What if I never know of a love, what if that path isn’t crossed,
Will I remain in one place all my life; will I stay stranded and lost?

What if I never know of a love, what if my lips are not kissed,
Will I just cry until night becomes day, will I just weep for what’s missed?

What if I never know of a love, what if my hand isn’t held,
Will I fall over; unsteady and weak, the loneliest place I have dwelled,

What if I never know of a love, what if I die here alone,
Will you not hear if I should disappear, and be found when I’m nothing but bone?

What if I never know of a love, what if my life is just me,
Then I must accept that my hand has been dealt and my caged heart can maybe be free.