Mirror, mirror.

I often see a lonely boy, I see him all around
It’s like he hasn’t got a friend, he’s waiting to be found
He walks along the road alone, his head heavy and low
He doesn’t have a place to be, he has nowhere to go

I often see this lonely boy, his eyes are brimmed with tears
He’ll stop and shrug like he’s ok; he’s been that way for years
I see the sadness in his face; his vacant, hollow eyes
The shadow of a haunted person deep within him lies

I’ve spoken to this lonely boy, to tell him its ok
He tried to smile an empty smile and then he turned away
I know he doesn’t think it true, to him it seems unknown
And so I watch this lonely boy just walk around, alone

I often see a lonely boy, his head is in his hands
No-one to heal his aching heart, and no-one understands
I didn’t have to look too far, or try too hard to see
For he swims in my reflection and this lonely boy is me.


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