A heavy heart will eventually lead you into the light.


One more minute.

Just another minute, which I shall wait here for
You told me not to wait for you when you walked out the door
But I am in no hurry I have nowhere else to go
So just another minute and I’m sure that you will show
I’m feeling drained and empty; I’m naked to the bone
And wearing vulnerability in quantities unknown
I haven’t any dignity; you took that when you left
You also took my pride and faith, then left me here, bereft
I’ll wait another minute, for you never said goodbye
There’s time to heal my wounded heart, if only you would try
I know that you can’t hear me as I’m calling out your name
And the tears I cry might never dry, there’s only me to blame
The sun is setting on my heart, I feel it going black
And I don’t think at any time you will be coming back
But I can’t say for certain that my feelings are obscure
So let me wait here just in case, for just one minute more

You are not a loan.

Do not give your heart away
Make sure you get it back
And don’t hand over feelings
To make up for what they lack
Ensure terms and conditions
Are severely underlined
Because hearts cannot be rescued
If the dream was never signed