Death, by any other means.

You didn’t use a bullet but you shot me with your eyes
And rendered me unconscious with your kisses and your lies
You didn’t suffocate me but you made it hard to breathe
You didn’t break my legs but still you made it hard to leave
You didn’t carve me into pieces, brandishing no knife
But still you cut me up and then you just played with my life
You didn’t have a hangman’s noose, my neck remains unbroken
But how you had a hold on me, your hateful words, unspoken
I never saw you slit my throat, no deadly silver smile
But still I couldn’t find my words, I stumbled for a while
Your strength was overpowering, for you I was too weak
The skies had darkened much too soon, the outlook was too bleak
You didn’t have to cover up your crime, you never tried
Still, a victim of your love I was, and that was how I died.


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