New Years Eve

Another year draws to a close
But was it all perfection
I welcomed highs and frowned on lows
And now, upon reflection

At times I feared it may not end
And cried too many tears
But laughter found its way in too;
It’s nice when it appears

I lost some loves, I found some too
And loyal loves stayed true
I learned to leave my sofa sometimes
Trying something new

But still this year went way too fast
I watched it disappear
There are no brakes for heaven sakes
So careful, we must steer

All those petty arguments
Let’s leave them where they are
And hold each other close because
Sometimes the ends not far

And lastly thank you everyone
Who made this year a TEN;
I’ll see you all on New Years Eve
And we’ll do it all again.



When I think about you, I am delirious that I no longer think about you.