Maybe, once, there was a spark;
A time when it wasn’t quite so dark,
But now this heart has met its fate –
It’s dead; do not resuscitate.


Lovely contradictions.

‪In short, I want to meet a tall man, who is hairy and a smooth talker. He should be good at being bad. Loosely speaking, he should‬ always hold me tight. I will be rich if he sticks by me when I am poor, I will be up if he helps me when I am down and we will last if at first we fall in love.


From healing wounds it softly seeps
And from the shadows, out it creeps
An ugliness that sinks its teeth
Then drags its prey somewhere beneath
Through murky waters, it lies still
And slumbers in an icy chill
And strikes upon you when you crack
Until you see nothing but black
So now its over, don’t feel proud
The sound of silence seems so loud
Slink back into your shadows, dear
For we are both no longer here.

21st century boy.

21st century dating:
The online, off the peg whore
No promises here, and no refunds
Emotions are left at the door

21st century dating:
Whatever your needs, we supply!
All colours, shapes, sexes and ages;
Just select filters that may apply

21st century dating:
Where romantic stories are fulfilled
Love really can be that simple!
You’ll be automatically billed

21st century dating:
A world full of love from your phone
Disposable people are swiped left
But beware, you might end up alone