Do you miss me?

I miss who I used to be.



The night hangs on you like a stain,
your streets are heavy, under rain
They shine like mirrors you’ve collected,
where filthy, neon love’s reflected

Where strangers march, no time to spare,
some place to be, no chance to care
An angry, hungry, tired nation
trudge from Tottenham Court Road Station

A punctured sky has long begun,
with cranes, all reaching for the sun
They drag up London by its scruff
and build it up all strong and tough

When night drips down like murky ink,
it welcomes every whim and kink
A seedy backdrop filled with lust
and grabbing hands tug at your trust

I must be careful where I tread;
a misplaced step may leave me dead
Those landmines scattered here and there,
explosions come from everywhere

And church bells, oh, you never cease;
a constant chime of disbelief
Sunday was a day of rest but now,
you’ve put that to the test

You know just how to find my tears;
we’ve been together many years
Your blackened heart is cruel and strong
but this is where I do belong.