Accepting rainbows.

My sister is my brother
My brother is my sister
My father – she is gorgeous
My mother – such a mister
My children, well, they’re beautiful
They dance around details;
My daughter plays with action-man
My son; he paints his nails
My friends each have a colour
Our religions can’t compare
My arms, they welcome everyone
I hope to see you there.



Im open to love but every time I went there, it was closed.

All ways.

I know that you are missing me
Perhaps you always will
Perhaps that ‘missing feeling’ never strays
But instead of only missing me with sadness, try instead
To remember with a smile, our special days

I know that you are struggling
And fighting through each day
And at times you feel the clouds will never break
But tomorrow is for you to live your life, and live you must!
Life’s a gift, don’t waste a minute, it won’t wait

I know your hearts are broken now
My heart is broken too
But maybe they don’t have to break forever?
If you use the love we’ve shared, some broken bits might get repaired
And that just proves the love we had keeps us together.