‘Ok, stop, cut there.’

He bought a cut throat razor
To make things look all nice
It did the trick
Not just a nick
But more a final slice.


Little bird.

Little bird, I watched you fly
And carry on the wind
You never left my side today
Your task so disciplined
Your little wings, they beat so fast
So you could keep up pace
and tears fell from my eyes today
As we dallied in our race
It wasn’t a coincidence
that you were next to me
That old familiar feeling
Of the love you used to be
On such a frozen morning
When I should have felt the chill
The warmth from you, I knew, I knew
But such a bitter pill
So little bird, I want to say
That when you flew by me
Although it hurt, however curt
I was able to see
I look for you now, every day
Sometimes Im unaware,
But I know you’re never far away
In fact, you’re always there.