He who cares, wins.

If nobody else is ever going to love me’, he thought, ‘then neither will I.


Love bubble.

There’s nothing greater you will see
Than those three dots, that basically
Mean someone thinks enough of you
To type a text and send it through

Of all the ways to manifest
A love note, I can now attest
That it shall be greatly received
My heart it shall not be deceived

I wonder what his text will say
I hope it’s more than ‘How’s your day’
It’s surely plain for all to see
Why else would he be texting me?

Initially I texted first
I sat down and composed my verse
I poured my love into that note
I think it worked; I shall not gloat

I’ve watched each day and week pass by
Just aching for his quick reply
And thought waiting can be a bore
Some things are just worth waiting for

Oh hang on now, its coming through,
My love story is coming true!
Oh dear, that’s not what I expected
It seems my love has been rejected

He said he didn’t know my name
And wasn’t keen to play my game
He signed it off – this part is sore
‘Pls do not txt me anymore’

I cannot lie, I am defeated
And his number, I deleted
These days I sit here, patiently
For those three dots to come to me.