Broken will: “Hey, heart, check it out; we got us a newbie.”

Broken heart: “Oh yeah. Hi, I’m heart, this is will. Who are you?”

Broken spirit: “I’m spirit”.


Just me.

Don’t expect, don’t crave
March on alone, be brave
For this life will pass you by
If you stand alone and cry.


Friday’s here
Commence the hunt
Invasive questions
Lets be blunt
What you into
Chems and groups
I’ll come over
Send the troops
Chat a while
About the weather
Then disrobe
And get together
Another player
In the game
That was hot, thanks
What’s your name?
The sun is rising
Days roll by
Another cash-point
Flying high
Fleeting visit
Another snort
No one wants you
Feel distraught
Get your phone out
Start again
Grab an Uber
There in ten
Block of flats
Revolving doors
Nothing more than
Desperate whores
Is this who
We really are
Such baseless things
That crawl too far
With shameful flashbacks
Through the haze
A comedown
That goes on for days
No longer fun
Just purely vapid
Then end the life
That leaves you rapid.

A certain kind of support.

You keep me warm.

You make me feel safe.

You protect me when Im feeling vulnerable.

When I’m sick, you’re the first one I turn to.

You always support me.

I feel so comfortable with you.

You encourage me to stop, relax and catch my breath.

You don’t judge me when I’m feeling lazy.

When I am weak, you are strong for me.

When I am ready to collapse, I know you will catch me.

You are always there, waiting for me.

I love you.

I love my bed.


A sapling I was in a land that’s too dry
Reaching for sunshine that seemed far too high
Drier than sand and yearning for nourish
Aching for some way to open and flourish
Yours was the first step that opened my eyes
You let yourself fly and deliver surprise
You opened your heart out, and really went native
A book that is open, a mind so creative
I followed your path and emerged from the dark
The touch paper lit now, allowing my spark
I’m into the sunshine and un-barren lands
Clutching this lifeline with both of my hands
Thank you for showing me how to be true
And not shy away from the things that I do
Such birds, brightly coloured are rarely so gauged
Your beauty and vibrancy should never be caged

The lady in white.

Here comes Krystle, wearing white
She’ll make everything alright
She’ll hold you close and drawn you in
Your eyes will roll, your head will spin
She’ll kiss you softly on your lips
A kiss that stains but never slips
And when you hold her in your hand
That is when you’ll understand
That possibilities never end
And Krystle is your only friend
The things you’ll do, that you’ll incur
When you spend just one night with her
And if you dare to penetrate
Your night with Krystle is more than great
Time goes out the window fast
She will consume you, make you last
You will not sleep, you will not eat
You will not need to – you’re complete
And when its time for her to leave
You will beg her for a reprieve
But be a man and let her go
Bring down the curtain on the show
On her you should never depend
For Krystle will not be your friend.