Heart; felt.

Be willing to try
But beware, you may fall
To get to my heart
You must first scale a wall
And if you succeed
Then I’m pleased that you tried
But defeat lies ahead;
It’s still locked from inside.


Love bubble.

There’s nothing greater you will see
Than those three dots, that basically
Mean someone thinks enough of you
To type a text and send it through

Of all the ways to manifest
A love note, I can now attest
That it shall be greatly received
My heart it shall not be deceived

I wonder what his text will say
I hope it’s more than ‘How’s your day’
It’s surely plain for all to see
Why else would he be texting me?

Initially I texted first
I sat down and composed my verse
I poured my love into that note
I think it worked; I shall not gloat

I’ve watched each day and week pass by
Just aching for his quick reply
And thought waiting can be a bore
Some things are just worth waiting for

Oh hang on now, its coming through,
My love story is coming true!
Oh dear, that’s not what I expected
It seems my love has been rejected

He said he didn’t know my name
And wasn’t keen to play my game
He signed it off – this part is sore
‘Pls do not txt me anymore’

I cannot lie, I am defeated
And his number, I deleted
These days I sit here, patiently
For those three dots to come to me.